She’s A Sick Puppy- Donald Trump Drags Nancy Pelosi

Donald Trump yesterday attacked the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over $1 trillion economic stimulus package for a week even though she knew Americans were in desperate need of the aid during this coronavirus pandemic.

Congress passed a $2.2 trillion economic stimulus package on Friday and Trump signed it into law shortly after to help citizens, families and businesses recover economically from financial damages incurred as a result of coronavirus pandemic as the U.S. death toll from coronavirus doubled, reaching 2,000 in the US this weekend.

The president’s attack against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi comes after she launched an attack against him Sunday morning for his handling of the coronavirus crisis. Pelosi, blasted the president on Sunday for exacerbating the coronavirus crisis, she said on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday morning. ‘As the president fiddles, people are dying,’

Donald Trump has come out to respond to the statement she made on Sunday ‘Well you know, it’s a sad thing. Look, she’s a sick puppy in my opinion. She really is. She’s got a lot of problems and that’s a horrible thing to say,’ Trump said in reaction to a question during a Fox & Friends interview Monday about Pelosi blaming him for not handling the coronavirus crisis in a timely manner, and claiming while he ‘fiddles, people are dying.’

‘Dr. Fauci said the other day, if those people came in, if I didn’t do that [closed borders], you would have had deaths like you would have never seen before, and you know, she doesn’t mention that and that was early and don’t forget she was playing the impeachment game. Her game where she ended up looking like a fool,’ the president added of Pelosi.

‘You hear Nancy Pelosi, who, you know – somehow there’s something wrong with the woman because she knows what we’ve done. And then you look at San Francisco, how her area where she lives has become like a slum, it’s a slum and she should focus on that,’ Trump asserted.

Donald Trump also attacked Pelosi that she is not doing anythiing for the constituency she represents ‘Of course she lives in a beautiful house over the ocean, but her area that she’s in charge of has gone from being one of the best in the whole country, it’s become a slum, and they don’t do anything about it. They leave it there,’ he continued in bashing Pelosi’ leadership in San Francisco.

‘All she did was focus on impeach, impeachment. She focused on impeachment and she lost and she looked like a fool, and frankly, it unified our party. And I have to say this – it’s never pleasant – but my poll numbers are the highest they’ve been because of her so we’ll see how it turns out but she should never say a thing like they said,’ he continued.


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