Joe Biden urges Americans to wear masks

Joe Biden urges Americans to wear masks

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris are forging ahead with arrangements to steer of government in only 72 days; unveiling a team for battling the pandemic and laying the basis for a flurry of first-day leader activities; even as President Trump won’t concede defeat.

On Monday morning, Mr. Biden rolled out a team of 13 public health experts; and scientists who will advise him on translating his COVID-19 plan into concrete policy options. He held his first briefing with the group later in the morning; and urged Americans to wear masks and observe social distancing ahead of what is likely to be a difficult winter.

We can save tens of thousands of lives if everyone would just wear a mask for the next few months. Not Democrat or Republican lives — American lives,” Mr. Biden said. “I implore you, wear a mask, do it for yourself, do it for your neighbor. A mask is not a political statement but it is a good way to start pulling the country together.”

His transition team is also expected to start rolling out key White House staffing positions this week; and is said to be preparing executive orders and legislative proposals aimed at rolling back key parts of Mr. Trump’s agenda.

Two sources familiar with the transition’s plans tell CBS News that Mr. Biden will move quickly to rescind Mr. Trump’s “Muslim ban” on immigration from certain countries; and implement a temporary moratorium on deportations while reviewing the deportation system. He is also expected to send a bill to Congress to grant a pathway to citizenship for DREAMers, and rejoin the Paris climate agreement and World Health Organization.

Then, Mr. Trump is charging ahead with longshot legal challenges in a handful of key states, with plans to uncover a large group of claims on Monday. His difficulties to the vote-including measure have been ineffective in the days since the election; however his campaign keeps on fund-raising to finance the lawful exertion and repay campaign debts. The president has no open functions on his  schedule on Monday.

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