Coronavirus: Spanish Minister Irene Montero Tests Positive To Coronavirus

 Spanish Minister of Equality Irene Montero tests positive for Coronavirus gets quarantined along with partner, deputy Prime Minister and the Podemos Leader Pablo Iglesias, said via a released government statement on Thursday.Coronavirus-Irene Montero

“The minister (Irene Montero) is in a good condition and second deputy prime minister Pablo Iglesias is also in quarantine due to the situation,” the statement said.

“This morning, all members of the government will undergo testing,” it added, indicating the results would be published later in the day.

The Irony of the situation was that It was announced barely 2-hours before the government was to convene a special cabinet meeting to discuss an emergency plan of action in a bid to curb the spread and effect of the Coronavirus crisis. Though the meeting went ahead and includes only ministers whose presence was of importance and all of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s upcoming appointments would be conducted by videoconference, the statement said.
The statement came as Spain struggles to handle a quadrupling of cases in three days, taking the number of infections above 2,000 and 48 dead, with Madrid the worst-hit area accounting for more than half of the cases.

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