Afghan Taliban ban women from working for domestic and foreign NGOs

Afghan Taliban ban women from working for domestic and foreign NGOs

The Taliban administration in Afghanistan ordered all international and local non-governmental organizations to stop hiring women on Saturday, purportedly because some female employees did not appropriately wear the Islamic hijab. According to Euronews, the prohibition is the latest restriction imposed by Afghanistan’s new government on women’s rights and freedoms.

This comes only days after the Taliban prohibited female students from attending institutions across the nation. Afghan women have already marched against the ban in major cities, a rare display of domestic opposition since the Taliban took control last year. In Afghanistan and others, the decision has sparked fury and protest.

The order was issued in a letter from Economy Minister Qari Din Mohammed Hanif, who said that any NGO found to be in violation of the directive will have their operating license in Afghanistan withdrawn. The letter’s substance was confirmed by the ministry’s spokesperson, Abdul Rahman Habib, to The Associated Press.

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The ministry stated that it had received “severe complaints” about female NGOs personnel not wearing the “proper attire.” “Hijab, or headscarf. It was unclear if the directive applied to all women or merely Afghan women working for non-governmental organizations.

“This is a devastating news, “Maliha Niazai, a master trainer at an NGO that educates young people on topics like as gender-based violence, agreed. “Aren’t we all human beings? “Why are they being so harsh to us?”

The 25-year-old, who works for Y-Peer Afghanistan and lives in Kabul, believes her job is vital since she is helping her nation and is the sole provider for her family. “Will the officials still back us up after this announcement? If not, why are they grabbing food from our mouths?” she wondered.

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