Introducing OLumillz

Adedeji Oluwatobi Osiyemi a.k.a OLumillz is young talented rapper,song

writer and performer. He started singing from a early age of 10 when he do

lots of party hype and lots of studio intorduction for artists….He

featured firstly on Brizz track Name Gold jewelry in 2007 with a stage

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name Pipcee…..

Year After in 2008 he worked with a name OLumillz,OLumillz got into the

studio with his elder brother Beeby and recorded his first song named ‘Anka’

which brought him close to lots of artist home and abroad….Anka gave

OLumillz little fame in his own community then he got featured again on lots

of artist album. He was featured in Rellow
hit song Baby Freaky and

DoubleT’s Track Money in the air,Icekeed Nothing do me & In the club

OLumillz wrote song for lots

of artists…

In the Year 2009 OLumillz got back into the studio and recoreded another

massive,bomb blast single named ‘Pop Sepe’ this song receive lots of

attention by people world wild..This song made him known everywhere now

OLumillz is hot with lots of flows and swags on him..OLumillz work with his

brother Brizz to build up a Label name Big Boss Inc. while OLumillz is

the first artists on the label. OLumillz and his brother Brizz are


Nigeria Music to the acme..

The talented young rapper who is driven by his love for music and life

experience,turn 21 this year and will released his singles Ping Me and

others in the quarter of the year. All song are produced by Macfash



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