Governor Fashola vows to deal with owner of stored fire crackers

Lagos state Governor, Babatunde Fashola, yesterday visited the site of the boxing day firecracker explosion that razed about 15 buildings and killed an 11 year old boy.  Fashola said he plans to punish the owner of the store on Oko Awo street where the fire crackers were stored.

“In order to make quick business, we have lost a life, we lost property and all of us are in danger. All of these items are under one form of prohibition or the other and we have men and women at our various entry and exit points. How did they get in? How did they enter? Who imported them and who cleared them? Who approved them to come in. Those are very serious issues we must also ask ourselves” Fashola said

Lagos state is one of the states that has banned the use of fire crackers

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