Why I Want Argentina To Lose All Games In Qatar

Lionel Messi’s Physician, Diego Schwartzstein, has revealed his desire for Argentina to lose all games at the 2022 World Cup.

Naija News reports that after winning the World Cup in 1978 and 1986, Messi will be looking to lead his nation to a third trophy for Argentina.

The South American powerhouse, who entered the World Cup undefeated in 35 games, has been tipped to win the championship in Qatar.

Football players, Sports fans, and football icons have predicted Argentina will advance from Group C, which includes Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Poland.

But Messi’s personal physician has revealed why he wants Argentina to utterly fail in football’s pinnacle competition, which got underway on Sunday, November 20.

Messi was diagnosed with Growth Hormone Deficiency early in his career, and Schwarzstein treated him; the two have been friends ever since.

The Medical practitioner revealed that any World Cup triumph in Argentina would probably be used as justification by the present administration to implement radical changes to the nation.

While speaking to The Times, he said, “As a football fan, I would like Argentina to be champions.

“As an Argentine citizen, as a human being, I would like them to lose all three games and be eliminated in the first round.

“Why? I’m convinced that this obscenely populist government that we have here would use the success of Argentina at the World Cup to cover things up. They could announce the devaluation of the currency on the day that the team play when no one is focused on that.”

The Copa America winners will kick off their campaign on Tuesday.

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