‘Obasanjo May Support Peter Obi’

Labour Party South West Leader, Akin Osuntokun on Friday said former president, Olusegun Obasanjo may support the presidential ambition of Peter Obi in 2023.

The political adviser to the former President stated this during an interview on Arise TV on Friday.

Osuntokun when asked if Obasanjo is supporting Obi, he said, “I think so.”

He compared the support base of the former governor of Anambra State ahead of the 2023 election to the one that led to the victory of former United States President, Barack Obama.

Osuntokun speaking on why he left the Peoples Democratic Party for Labour Party said, “Where I am (Labour Party) is consistent with the position I have taken in the past two years. Logically I am being consistent with my position.”

He called on Nigerians to ignore the All Progressives Congress (APC) and PDP in the forthcoming election so that the country can move forward.

Osuntokun further stated that the agenda of the PDP and APC in Nigeria at the moment is detrimental to the growth and development of the country.

According to Osuntokun,  Nigeria needs to move in a new direction far from a poor and disastrous agenda.

The LP chieftain further stated that the 2023 election would be a determined war against the rotten status quo and the enemies of the Nigerian state.

He said, “The kind of politics in Nigeria is disastrous. The political structure is criminal. It’s ambiguous that people clamouring for change are the ones labelling those ready to work for such change. APC and PDP are known for crass insensitivity. They are coming with similar baggage that has matured in our fraudulent political system.

“In terms of evaluation from what is good and moving Nigeria forward, you cannot proceed from the platforms of APC and PDP. These parties aren’t consistent with what Nigerians need. So it’s only right to move away from the rotten status quo in the interest of the country.”

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