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On the other hand, breathing in yoga makes it more like meditation. Learning how and when to breathe is a difficult part of yoga, but when you understand it, it changes your mindset.


During certain poses or movements, you must breathe in or out, or stay still for a few deep breaths.


This makes your yoga smoother, because your breathing makes your movement flow. It’s also tricky to know how to breathe correctly and there are different kinds of breath.


This is why I would recommend going to classes if you want to start yoga, so an instructor can teach you this well.


Concentrating on breathing and moving is a great way to relax your mind. It forces you to think about your body and feel what is happening, which makes it easier to forget everything else.


You also have a relaxation period at the end of a yoga practice.


Listening to music, hearing your instructor’s soothing voice, or just being silent all help take you away from everyday things.

In my opinion, yoga is a sport, but it has other things to offer too.


It tones my body and keeps me fit, while taking care of my mind – plus afterwards, I feel happy, energetic and ready for anything.

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