“I chose the wrong time to join Arsenal” – Giroud

Olivier Giroud has said it is possible he joined Arsenal at a wrong time. The French striker, who moved from Montpellier this summer, says the London club are always selling their best names every year and are guilty of over-passing sometimes.

“Yes. But it puts less pressure on my shoulders,” when he was asked by L’Equipe whether he felt he had arrived at the wrong time. “I feel the pressure of the result, not the weight of my predecessors. When you come to a big club, of course you replace a great striker (like Van Persie). It’s useless to have that in your head.

“It is up to the new boys to make sure the others are forgotten.We need to be more efficient in all areas of the pitch – to be more realistic and to offer more variety.

“When you’re attacking, you hope for more crosses. It is not spontaneous enough when we are in positions to cross. I have talked with my team-mates about this.

“Arsenal has the culture of the passing game, perhaps too much. I am not staking a claim to be the coach, but I am fortunate to be at a club where we can talk about such things.”

The 25-year-old also expressed his belief, that Arsenal, who are currently in 10th position in the league, are capable of winning the Premiership, even without spending millions like their rivals.

“My story proves that you can win titles without being a star. Manchester City became champions thanks to their chequebook. Montpellier took on PSG without using their chequebook. Here we bought Santi Cazorla and he did not cost 50 million! Arsene Wenger does not buy a team. He builds one. He built his group with this philosophy.

“Even though it’s been seven years since the club won anything, they have a strong identity. Even if the club lose some of their best players every two or three years, they do not deviate from this philosophy.”

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