Chelsea’s Owners Are Preparing For The Future, Not The Present.

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A couple of players have criticized the new owners of Chelsea and the new manager, Graham Potter, for Chelsea’s poor performance in the ongoing English Premier League season. The fans believe that Graham Potter is not the right man for Chelsea.

This is because last season, Chelsea were not where they are on the log now. The truth of the matter is that, Chelsea under the new management is not the Chelsea under Roman Abramovich. Under Roman Abramovich, he was only after immediate results, and that was why Chelsea would perform well in a season and then perform badly in another season.

The present owners of Chelsea are preparing Chelsea to dominate the European football for a longer period of time. The obvious reason some great players’ contracts have been extended to 2028 and above. Apart from extending their contacts, Chelsea have also bought many talented young players since the new owners took over. 

With the level of preparation that we are seeing, Chelsea will dominate the European football as time goes on.

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