Zelensky promises action against corruption after a minister is fired for embezzlement

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Zelensky promises action against corruption after a minister is fired for embezzlement

Zelensky of Ukraine speaking in Kyiv this month.”/>

According to the New York Times, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has committed to take action against corruption in the aftermath of an official’s expulsion for embezzlement, emphasizing that the attention on the conflict will not distract from addressing a chronic issue in his nation.

Corruption has been a problem in Ukraine even before Russia started its full-fledged invasion in late February. While resisting Russian aggression has been Mr. Zelensky’s top emphasis, corruption has remained a concern — especially as weaponry and supplies worth hundreds of millions of dollars stream into the country, and the cost of rebuilding operations is anticipated to be in the billions.

Mr. Zelensky, who took office in 2019 on a pledge to clean up corruption, said in his nighttime speech on Sunday that the government’s “primary priority is on military, foreign policy, and war.”

“But this does not imply that I do not see or hear what is being stated in society at many levels,” he added, citing energy and military procurement difficulties and promising that his administration will “take the required forceful actions.”

Mr. Zelensky expressed hope that the firing of a deputy minister on Sunday will serve as a “warning to all those whose acts or behavior violate the norm of justice.”

In his evening speech on Monday, Mr. Zelensky declared that government employees would no longer be permitted to go overseas for vacation or any other non-governmental reason, and that a border-crossing protocol for officials would be devised within days.

While Mr. Zelensky did not name the person who was fired, Ukraine’s infrastructure ministry identified him as Vasyl Lozynsky, a deputy minister in the office. His dismissal came after Ukraine’s top anti-corruption agency and the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office “identified and ended the actions of an organized criminal organization involved in the misappropriation of budget funds,” according to Ukraine’s infrastructure minister, Oleksandr Kubrakov.

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