‘You have failed abysmally, step aside as President’ – PDP to Buhari

The main opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has once again criticised President Muhammadu Buhari; even as it asked him to step aside as President in view of his alleged inability to deliver all-inclusive leadership.

The call was made by the National Chairman of the PDP, Prince Uche Secondus in a press statement released on Thursday; a copy of which was made available to 1st News.

Specifically, the PDP took the Presidency to task on a number of national issues; including corruption, respect for rule of law and democratic institutions, insecurity, unemployment, the coronavirus scourge as well as its perceived insensitive actions and response to disasters involving Nigerians. It held that the APC and Buhari-led government had failed abysmally on these counts.

‘‘The facts are indisputable that President Mohammadu Buhari-led APC Administration has woefully failed the people of Nigeria. This is a general consensus across this great country. No segment of our nationhood is in good shape as we speak.

‘‘The economy is in a dire state as the country heads toward insolvency; occasioned by huge unserviceable debts and the crash of oil price. Nigerians continues to live in fear as security situation worsens and remains unabated.’’

As a matter of fact, the PDP noted that the problems bedevilling the country were solvable. Nevertheless, it accused the Buhari administration of lacking the requisite capacity to resolve them.

‘‘Consequently, at this hour of peril to our country; PDP is calling upon President Buhari to wake up and give this nation a firm, purposeful, consultative and all-inclusive leadership. Our party is of firm conviction that our problems can be successfully resolved; if there is a fair and effective leadership at the top. It is now time to give this leadership or give way to capable hands.

‘‘In conclusion, the point we are trying to underscore here very loudly is that; this country is seating on a time bomb and we must not allow it to explode. We in PDP have our genuine fears that this government and its managers lack the needed capacity to lift us out of the wood because we got into it ab-initio due to their incapacity.

‘‘But that notwithstanding, the regime should be sensitive to the plight of the suffering masses of the country; by reviewing downwards various draconian policies like the various tax regimes; especially the Value Added Tax VAT that affects every goods and services. The government should avoid pouring fuel to an already burning inferno; with their reckless and lawless attitude to human rights issues which worsens situation and exposes the country to further ridicule.’’

Additionally, the party took a sly dig at the Presidency over the Lamido Sanusi saga.

‘‘When you depose a traditional ruler and deprives him and his family of their fundamental human rights; and in less than 24 hours the United Nation gives him an exalted appointment; it says a lot how you are rated globally.’’

On corruption, the opposition party alleged widespread corruption under the Buhari administration. Specifically, it cited the recently released 2019 Human Rights report by the United States to back up its claims. Also, it accused the Buhari government of ‘‘deliberate and scornful disregard of court orders and legislative resolutions. Furthermore, extra-judicial acts of security agencies have effectively compromised the fundamental human rights of Nigerians.’’

Furthermore, the PDP attributed the sociological root cause of the problems facing the nation to unemployment. Listed were violence and crimes across the country, poverty, hunger, illiteracy, and economic and political deprivations; even as it advised the government to collaborate with critical stakeholders in finding a lasting solution.

The Buhari government equally received hard knocks for insecurity; with the PDP claiming that it had lost all rights to remain in office, having failed abysmally in this area. Additionally, it berated the administration for excluding the South-East zone and Edo State from the $22bn loan.

Addressing the coronavirus scourge, the PDP slammed Buhari for failing to rise to the occasion or address Nigerians; as other world leaders had done. Also, it criticised the President’s handling of the Abule-Ado pipeline explosion; while raising the alarm on the debilitating effect of black soot in the Niger Delta region which it accused the Federal Government of doing little about.

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