World running out of time to save climate: UN

World running out of time to save climate: UN


The year 2021 must be the one of action for protecting people against the “disastrous” effects of climate change; the UN insisted on Monday, ahead of a crucial US-convened summit. Time is fast running out to tackle the climate crisis, the UN warned, with the pandemic having failed to put the brakes on “relentless” climate change.


The call comes alongside a major report ahead of US President Joe Biden’s climate summit on Thursday and Friday.


Forty world leaders have been invited to attend Biden’s virtual talks aimed at galvanising efforts by the major economies to tackle the climate crisis.


Last month, The Pope, using Shakespeare, makes climate change appeal


Pope Francis adapted Shakespeare’s famous Hamlet quote in an appeal to people not to remain blind to the destruction of climate change; and the mass migration it may cause, writing: “To see or not to see, that is the question.”


Francis went on to urge people to work together to protect “creation, our common home”; and not “hunker down” in individualism; in the preface of a document by the Vatican development office on the pastoral care of people displaced by climactic events.





“I suggest we adapt Hamlet’s famous ‘to be or not to be’ and affirm: ‘To see or not to see; that is the question!’ Where it starts is with each one’s seeing; yes, mine and yours,” Francis wrote.


“We are not going to get out of crises like climate or Covid-19 by hunkering down in individualism but only by ‘being many together’; by encounter and dialogue and cooperation,” he added in the preface to the 30-page study released on Tuesday.


Conservatives in the Church, many aligned with conservative political forces, are climate change sceptics; and contest the majority scientific opinion that global warming is mostly caused by people.


Francis appeared to be appealing to such sceptics.


“When people are driven out because their local environment has become uninhabitable, it might look like a process of nature; something inevitable,” Francis wrote.

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