Why Tinubu’s Statement Against Buhari’s Govt At The Ogun Rally Was Taken Too Far & May Affect Him

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The presidential election comes up on the 25th of February and all the presidential candidates have been putting in hard work to ensure that they emerge as the winner

Counting down to the day of the election, It is no gainsaying that the All Progressive Congress APC presidential aspirant, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has done extremely well with his campaigns as he has touched all regions

Going by the campaigns he has staged, he is no doubt, a strong contender in the presidential race. However, his statement at his last rally in Ogun State, which came as a slight dig at the presidency, May affect his campaign and also halt his chances at the poll if care is not taken

Tinubu, while in Ogun State said “They changed money, kept petrol so that they can stop us, but we will use our PVC to Obtain power from them “

The first question here is who is he obtaining power from if not the incumbent government of Buhari? Moreso, president Buhari is also the head of the ministry of petroleum which is currently facing challenges of fuel scarcity

The above statement was taken too far and may likely haunt him as trying to make issues with the presidency May be costly at this point.

Moreso, President Buhari has been seen in some of his rallies trying to show support; latest in Abia. I think Asiwaju needs all hands on deck at this point, most especially every member of his party to get the desired result

He has pulled so much crowd in all his campaigns and throwing shades at party representatives at this point may result in withdrawal which may likely cost him the crown

My take, kindly share yours with us

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