What To Do In Order To Accomplish The Promises Of God For Your Life—Joel Osteen

Pastor Joel Osteen is the Presiding Senior Pastor of the Texas-based Lakewood Church. The cleric renowned for his motivational messages has taken to his official Facebook page to share a message he delivered on what believers can do to accomplish the promises of God for their lives.

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According to the cleric, he has stressed in his words that, God has spoken promises to all believers; He has also whispered things in their spirit that may seem impossible. Now, when it comes to how they can accomplish that dream, all the promises of God for their lives; how they can get well, how they can get their family to be restored, the cleric has revealed in his words that, as a believer, you already have the promise but, to accomplish them, you must do your part and build the altar.

Also, the cleric has revealed that you must thank God that it is on the way. You must remind Him of His greatness, go back over some of the areas where you have ascribed power and abilities to yourself in ways like, “Am I not the God” stories and change them, and put them to God as “Are You not the God that opened that door I couldn’t open? Are You not the God that prospered me despite my environment? Are You not the God that freed me from the addiction, that blessed me with a spouse, that protected me in the pandemic, that turned my child around, that caused that contract to go through?

After you might have looked back at the altars you have built and you thank God for what He has done, that would serve as fuel for your faith. As such, it would make it easier to build those altars looking ahead, thanking God for what He is about to do in your life.

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