We won’t campaign for Atiku, Wike insists

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We won’t campaign for Atiku, Wike insists

Governor wike clarified yesterday that ongoing campaigns in the state for candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) precludes the presidential candidate of the opposition party, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

The governor said that the PDP beach would not work for driving because there is no insight in the state of richness and the state of abundant. Wike, who spoke in Bonny at the opening of the Local Council of Campaigns, said: Stay at home and know that PDP in Rivers State, we have taken the Governor, we have taken the Senate, we have taken the House of Representatives and we have taken. Hall.

It’s an election we’re doing here. It was they (politicians) who asked me to come and campaign for them. No one else asked me to campaign for him. I can’t bring myself to advertise to you when you don’t ask. These people (parliamentarians) told me. That’s why I came here to campaign. If someone asks you to work for them, you will work for them. And if they don’t want you to work for them, are you going to force them?

The governor, who is the treasurer of the Group of Five (G-5) governors, said anyone who says that Rivers has no meaning will be punished for neglecting the state. 

The governor enjoined all residents in the state to be rest assured that no intimidation and propaganda could cause a distraction from the political path that had been so chosen. 

He said: Any person who says Rivers State is not important, we will pepper him. Anyone who says he does not consider the state of rivers, we would not consider such a person.

There is nothing like propaganda, nothing like intimidation because no one can intimidate us. We are very, very solid. We are very strong. There is no state that can guide us to know what will happen here. No one can do such a thing. So attracts me to say, I live in the beach, I live in the beach and the river. Something that is important is ours which we have been collected. Wike said that the All Progressives Congress (APC) state should not bother to campaign in Rivers because of the recognition given by President Muhammadu buhari to his administration as the best resource in our land.

He said that because his government believes in the effective expression of government, 12 aircraft were executed in four years, in addition to other development projects. Wike said: All these people who say they are campaigning, what are they campaigning for? President Muhammadu buhari, the leader of APC said I am the best as far as development is concerned. What kind of campaign will they do next?

Speaking further, Wike recalled that during a courtesy visit to Grand Bonny Amayanabo before arriving at the campaign camp, the king spoke of his involvement in the construction of the Bonny-Bodo road. The governor assured him that the coastal protection will be completed in Long John and Abalamabie town.

He also announced that he will sign the agreement for the much-desired ring road in Bonny Town and it will be completed during the lifetime of his successor. The governor, who has looked at the slow pace of work at Bonny National Grammar School despite paying 100% of the contract, is confident that it will be completed and handed over to the public before the end of his time.

Wike told them to stick to the state PDP and vote in large numbers to ensure victory for Sir Siminialayi Fubara and his partner in the election. He said: This is the time and the nearest time when the son of Ibani ascended the throne of the Governor of Rivers State. Now, who is to decide what will be here and what will not be. Isn’t it your son? Which project is better than this project? Government candidate of Zss, Deminivera Fu glove Fuji, listed three zones of caring and at March 11.

He said security challenges, building a road that goes to add flooding of PENENNIALLI of Perennial in the region and security of the traditional company system. We have protected your traditional company to show that we are people who understand, understand and appreciate the company.

So our campaign here today is very simple. We will see that the peace that reigns in Bonny is maintained. Whatever we need to do to ensure that you continue to enjoy this peace, we will make sure that the CIOs are working here.

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