We Cannot Regulate The Prices of Face Masks And Sanitisers – Health Minister

The Minister Of Health, Ehanire Osagie on Sunday during an Interview has disclosed that the FG is worried about the hike in prices of the Face Masks and sanitizers in the country but the FG can only do little or less to regulate the hike in price. We Will Spend #620m On Coronavirus – Osagie Ehanire

Minister Ehanire Osagie who was on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics spoke about the government’s response and preventive measures put in place to help fight the Coronavirus COVID-19 plague ravaging countries around the world, where he said Nigeria operates a market autonomy so the FG can’t regulate the prices of face masks and sanitizers.

Ehanire Osagie said;

“The government is concerned about prices going up. But you see, we operate a market autonomy. Those who are traders and suppliers are doing a brisk business by trying to increase importation and those who manufacture are also doing a brisk business scaling up the manufacturing of all these products.
“So it is not surprising that the prices go up at the moment. The government makes sure that those agencies and organisations that need to have these materials have them.”

The Minister also expressed hope of the health kits dropping when its vendors import more of it.

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