Watch Detailed Report Of How Dubai Police Monitored Hushpuppi, Others For 4 Months Before Arrest

Dubai has released an official report of how its Police has again conquered some suspected cyber crime offenders who have been defrauding people across different parts of the world of their money – Nigeria’s very own Hushpuppi, among others.
In a detailed 4-minute video made available by the Dubai Media Office, the Nigerian big boy, Woodberry and ten other international cybercriminals were said to have been arrested via a special operation the Police dubbed Fox Hunt 2.
As reported, Hushpuppi and the others were tracked and trailed for four months before they were arrested finally. Unfortunately for them, their flaunting on social media was one of the tools that made their arrests possible.

According to the report, the Dubai E-Police team tracked his every move and took note of his social media activities. The report further revealed that he and his team would create fake pages for existing websites in order to redirect victims’ payments to their own accounts, and the victims so far are said to be over 1.9million people. Watch the detailed report below:


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