Ukraine’s accession to EU and NATO guarantees Europe’s security for decades- Ukraine FM Kuleba says

Dmytro Kuleba mentioned the benefits of Ukraine joining the EU and NATO (Photo:Mike Segar/File Photo/Reuters)

According to Yahoo , Ukraine’s membership in the European Union and NATO will complete the restructuring of the global security architecture and ensure the security of the European continent for decades.

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Kuleba stated online as an honorable guest of a US-Adriatic Charter ministerial event that the future of Euro-Atlantic security is determined on the battlefield in Ukraine and that Ukraine is now a security donor to the whole Euro-Atlantic community.

“The fact is that Ukraine’s entrance into NATO is in both our country’s and the alliance’s interests,” he stated.

“Ukraine’s strength, endurance, and fortitude, as well as a strong, battle-hardened, and interoperable Ukrainian Army, will make a substantial contribution to collective security.”

Ukraine’s membership in the European Union and NATO would complete the global security architecture overhaul and “ensure the security of the European continent for decades to come,” he added.

On June 23, 2022, EU policymakers awarded Ukraine and Moldova candidate status. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky described the awarding of this status as a “watershed event” in Ukraine’s ties with the European Union.

The European Council requested a report from the European Commission on the candidate nations’ implementation of membership requirements and committed to taking further action “as soon as all of these conditions are completely satisfied.”

Anne Lührmann, the German Foreign Office’s Minister for Climate and Europe, stated in early December that Ukraine has made great progress in executing the changes required to become an EU member and that membership discussions may begin soon.

Zelensky stated in late February 2023 that the moment has come to begin discussions on Ukraine’s membership in the European Union.

He also predicted that Ukraine will join NATO after the conflict with Russia is over.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s Defense Minister, Oleksii Reznikov, has stated that the country has become a “de facto” member of the alliance.

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