Trump plans to sue, keep White House records on Capitol attack secret


In a freewheeling statement after the select committee announced the subpoenas – deliberations first reported by the Guardian; – the former president lashed out at the select committee’s inquiry as a partisan exercise and criticized their zeal to target his closest advisers.


“We will fight the subpoenas on executive privilege and other grounds for the good of our country; while we wait to find out whether or not subpoenas will be sent out to Antifa and BLM for the death and destruction they have caused,” Trump said.


The former president signaled his intentions to threaten a prolonged legal fight over White House records from his administration; after the select committee first made its documents requests to the National Archives at the end of August.


“Executive privilege will be defended, not just on behalf of my administration and the patriots who worked beside me; but on behalf of the office of the president of the United States and the future of our nation,” Trump said in a statement.


The justice department has typically fought to keep private, executive-branch discussions between presidents and top advisers secret; to avoid setting a precedent that could prevent officials from having candid conversations for fear that they might later become public.


But with the former acting attorney general Jeff Rosen and his deputy, Richard Donoghue; the White House office of legal counsel cleared them to provide “unrestricted testimony” to Congress about Trump’s efforts to reinstall himself in office because of the gravity of the matter.

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