Tinubu Told Me Point Blank That He Didn’t Have Any Plan for The North – Najaatu

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Former Director of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Presidential Campaign Council (PCC), Najaatu Mohammed has accused the presidential candidate of the APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu of not having any plans for the Northern states in the country.

Recall that it was reported that the Kano-based politician dumped the party and resigned from her position as the Director of the Civil Society directorate of the APC Presidential Campaign Council.

In an interview with newsmen, Najaatu disclose more insight into what transpired during her stay as the director. She said she asked Tinubu about his plan for the people of the North, but Tinubu told her that he had no plan for the North, until he wins the presidential election.

However, She revealed that she asked Tinubu whether he was not aware of the insecurity facing the people of the North, the dropout children from the schools, and other problems facing the region.

In her words, She said’

“The first question I asked him was what he has for us up north, he told me point blank that he didn’t have anything. I asked him, I said sir, you mean you don’t have a blueprint, he said no! I cannot have a blueprint until I win the election. I said sir, if we wait for you to win the election, there will be a lot of distraction, you have to have a blue print. You have to be able to tell us what you intend to do.

“I said we have so many problems, aren’t you aware of the insecurity? Aren’t you aware of out-of-school kids? Aren’t you aware of the hunger? That people cannot go to the farms? He said look Naja, if you can please, write out what you want so that I can put it in my manifesto. I was angry, I still remain patient. I left him, I stayed back in London.”

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