Sports Haven’t Featured In Presidential Debates & Almost All Nigerians Love Football – Shehu Sani

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Shehu Sani, a former senator for Kaduna Central, has taken on his verified Twitter account to say sports have not featured in the presidential debates. 

In recent years, various groups have been organizing debates for key political contestants in the country where they expose their political opinions and public policy proposal and others to the general public.

However, the outspoken activist, Shehu Sani, recently posted a tweet on his microblogging, Twitter, to say sports have not been featured in the presidential debates ahead of the 2023 election that is around the corner

Shehu Sani concluded his statement by saying that almost all Nigerians in the country were lovers of football. 

In his tweet, Shehu Sani wrote below: 

“Sports have not featured in the Presidential debates and almost all Nigerians love football.”

What’s your take on what Shehu Sani said? To share your thoughts, and opinions, please use the space provided below. 

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