Shettima: Fixation on Tinubu’s health is mischievous – we’re not preparing for Olympics

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All Progressive Congress (APC) vice-presidential candidate kassim Shetima said there was no reason to question the health and age of his party’s presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu. At a banquet honoring his President Muhammadu Buhari, who was staying in the state for his two-day visit in Lagos on Monday night, Shettima said he and his principal were seeking jobs, and he said he was not ready for the Olympics. Shettima claimed Tinubu’s fixation on age and health was “vicious” and said he was preparing for a reign “thriving on good ideas.” He said, “Asiwaju’s health and age have this mischievous obsession.”

We are not asking Nigerians to dismiss critical assessments of their leaders, but they are instructed to see the big picture. “We are not preparing for the Olympics, but for an institution that will thrive on the supremacy of ideas and an established track record.” video player 00: 00 02: 15 The former governor of Borno said Tinub was someone known to sacrifice her comfort for the good of her country. He said: “The path that led us to Asiwaju is no accident.” “This is a man who displayed a tendency to sacrifice personal comforts for the good of the nation.” From the days of our struggle to establish democracy in this country to today, much has been said about this political conundrum, but it’s largely due to the bad history of fraudsters. Olusegun During the Obasanjo administration, he stood for justice and fairness when his contemporaries sat at the mansion table in exchange for their principles. The APC chief also urged voters to vote for Tinubu so that she could bring a wealth of experience to Nigeria.

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