‘Rich people’ are biggest problem of Nigeria – Kwankwaso

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‘Rich people’ are biggest problem of Nigeria – Kwankwaso

Vanguard reports that the Presidential candidate for the New Nigeria Peoples Party, Dr Rabiu Kwankwaso has said that the rich people constitute the biggest problem of Nigeria. He stated this when he was addressing stakeholders at the Chattam on his vision for Nigeria. The former two term Governor of Kano state said, forget about the rich men in the country who are actually our biggest problem. He further stated, if we have supporters at the grass root level, it means we are the only party today in Northern Nigeria in terms of support and votes, we are currently working in the Southern part of the country.

Kwankwaso also strongly criticized the Labour Party and it’s flag bearer Peter Obi for requesting that he withdraws from the Presidential race so that Labour Party can win the Presidential election. Kwankwaso said, there is a difference between we Northerners and Southerners, if you are from the North, you will know more than a Southerner, if you were from the North, I am certain that you would never have made that statement that Kwankwaso should step aside for Peter Obi but it is because you have not looked at the records of Kwankwaso.

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