Reps to drag CUPP to court over $10milion Bill Gates bribery allegations

The House of Reps has resolved to approach the courts over allegations that it received $10million bribe from Bill Gates; specifically to pass the Infectious Disease bill.

Indeed, t32ehe Spokesperson of the Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP), Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere, on Monday, May 5; alleged that the House of Reps was given $10million bribe by Gates to pass the bill.

Ugochinyere during the press briefing said, “This intelligence is coupled with the information of the alleged receipt, from sources outside the country but very interested in the Bill; of the sum of $10 million by the sponsors and promoters of the Bill to distribute among lawmakers to ensure a smooth passage of the Bill.”

In a reaction to this, the Deputy Speaker, Ahmed Wase raised a motion of personal explanation on Tuesday during plenary.

“I will like to state that no dime has come to me, in the interest of Nigeria and the collective interest of our country, and for anyone to make this malicious statement; that person has impugned on my integrity, and I think it should not go like that. We want to plead again that the house should set-up a committee to investigate this allegation, and take necessary allegations.”

Speaking on the allegation, the Speaker; Femi Gbajabiamila said that responding to the allegation will give credibility to the purveyor of the news.

“Sometimes, in life and in politics, some things are best ignored. When you address certain things, you elevate and give credibility to those purveyors of the news. As ridiculous as the allegation may sound; it is also worth maybe taking an investigation as stated by the Deputy Speaker.

“Unfortunately, we do not have the culture of litigations; otherwise so many of these things would have been abated. 

“Maybe an example should be set. For me, all they have done is to give credence to those people who said that Social Media should be regulated, that’s all they have done.

“Those people saying you cannot regulate social media are the same people engaging in these activities. They are hurting themselves, and in a bid to hurt the leadership and the House; they ended up shooting themselves in the leg.”


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