Reported COVID-19 Cases Not True of Nigeria’s Situation – BUK Professor

Reported COVID-19 Cases Not True of Nigeria’s Situation – BUK Professor.

Professor Isa Sadeeq-Abubakar, the Director in the Centre for Infectious Disease Research, Bayero University Kano, says the number of COVID-19 cases reported daily in Nigeria is not a true representation of the situation in the country.

During an interview on Channels Television’s News at 10, on Tuesday, He said this while defending the need for the government to halt the resumption of students in schools across the country.

 “One thing I want us to understand is that the number of daily cases is not truly a representation of the cases in Nigeria,” the professor said.

He explained that this is because most states are having difficulties in conducting their daily tests, and as a result, many may be living with the virus without being aware.

 “That is why the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 is taking measures to assist the states to ramp up their tests and unless we are able to reach a minimum level of about 5% of Nigerians being tested, I do not feel we are at that level where we can confidently say that we are there as far as control is concerned.

 “So, if we allow a lot of commercial activities, social activities and academic activities to take place, there is a likelihood of people mixing very well and if you look at the university, it is like the whole country coming together,” Sadeeq-Abubakar added.

He believes that a major issue that will be difficult to enforce of the students resume would be the issue of physical distancing.

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