Presidential Election: Court Has To Determine If Over 1.5m Votes Were Not Altered – Atedo Peterside

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  2. (Watch what occurred in this News)

As Nigerians prepare themselves for the fight in court that will before long start over the result of the equitable closed official political decision led by the Autonomous Public Discretionary Commission (INEC), noticeable Senior Legislator, Atedo Peterside has emerged to make sense of what he feels the Court needs to consider before it can decide the genuine champ of the dubious surveys.

Talking during a meeting on Emerge television’s ‘Early evening’ program with Charles Aniagolu a couple of hours prior, Peterside contended that in light of the proof he has seen while concentrating on the contrast between results declared by INEC at its public grouping place and those that were in the long run transferred on its Outcome Survey entryway (IReV), the court may would need to painstakingly decide whether however much 1.5 million votes were not changed for a specific up-and-comer.

He said; “I’m not an appointed authority, but rather I can discuss the proof that I have invested energy looking over outcome sheets. However there is an example. Also, that is the thing is very upsetting. Every one of the models I showed you were votes in favor of the Work Party moved to the APC apparently, while that of the PDP was left immaculate. It is about the extent generally. Was this finished for an enormous scope and out of control? We must be cautious since this was a political race with a low turnout.

Assuming the all out of such cases was, suppose, 1.5 million votes just that were moved from Work to the APC, then you need to return and take a gander at the INEC results, they said APC had 8.8 million votes. Assuming you deduct 1.5 million from it, the number will be down to 7.3 million. Assuming you had that 1.5 million to Work, their figure (6.09) will leap to 7.6m. Thus, the point I’m making is that what the courts need to do, is take a gander at these occurrences (changed results) and check whether there is an example that shows that in the total, something like 1.5 million votes or much more were changed or messed with.”

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