PDP caucus plots to replace Secondus ahead of 2023 polls

Ahead of the 2023 polls, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is reported to be scouring for the replacement to the current national chairman, Uche Secondus.

It was further garnered that those scheming to remove Secondus are; surviving founding fathers of the Party, former National officers of the Party, incumbent and former governors, former and serving members of the National Assembly of the Party, former and serving state Chairmen of the Party.

It was gathered that the arrowheads of the plot have already zero on a member from South West; to take over the position from Secondus.

A committee is said to have been inaugurated in order to achieve this aim.

A source said, “the plan now is to back Prince Oyinlola to lead the Party at this critical period to bail us out of the mess we found ourselves. This will also serve as compensation to the South West Zone of our Party; which was robbed of the position in the first instance.

“As we are now, almost all the state chapters of our great Party are in serious crisis. We lost most of these States and several seats at the National Assembly to the crisis; due to poor leadership at the National level and we cannot wait to have a repeat in 2023.

“Our elected governors are not on the same page with our National Executive Committee (NWC). You can hardly see only two or three of them at our National Secretariat now; except for the last NEC meeting during which eight of them came because of the new alignment going on in the party with the Governor of Sokoto State; Aminu Waziri Tambuwal becoming the new Chairman of the PDP Governors’ Forum.

“Today our once vibrant National Assembly Caucus is in now disarray; due to personal and selfish interest of an individual. Some of our staunch members who make things happen in the National Assembly; their States, Zones and at the National level were placed on indefinite suspension; because of minor issues which a competent and neutral National Chairman could have resolved amicably.

“Also the party’s founding fathers and former national officers of the Party are complaining bitterly; that they are in the dark in the administration of the Party; as it was the case in the past when they normally consult them on critical issues before decisions would be taken.”


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