NLC urges disbursement of COVID-19 donations to health, education in May Day message

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), wants the Federal Government to deploy the largest share of coronavirus (COVID-19) relief funds, donated by corporate organisations and individuals; to addressing deficits in health and education sectors.

Mr Ayuba Wabba, NLC President, made the appeal on Friday, May 1 in Abuja; during the commemoration of the 2020 Workers’ Day.

The theme of the workers’day celebration was; COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Socio-Economic Impact on the Nigerian Working Class.

Wabba said that it would be for the greater good of Nigerians; especially at this crucial period of the global pandemic, if a huge part of the donations was used in tackling deficits in both the education and health sectors.

He, however, noted that the infection rate in Nigeria could be more than what the official figures presented; as the country’s health system was merely struggling with contact tracing and testing for the virus.

The NLC scribe noted that the world would never remain the same again, even after the coronavirus pandemic.

He said COVID-19 had amplified the need to fix the primary healthcare system; adding that it was time to revamp the country’s secondary and tertiary health institutions.

“We must reconstruct a robust public health emergency system.

“We therefore, advocate that a huge chunk of the donations commendably made by corporate Nigerians on the COVID-19 and debt relief grants; be deployed to tackling the deficits in our education and health sectors,” he said.

Wabba further said that Nigeria must support its entertainment industry which provides a means of livelihood for its teeming population, especially the youths.

The NLC president called for inward search for capable hands to invest in Nigeria and develop its economy instead of ‘the craze of globe-trotting’ in the name of looking for investors.

He also advised Nigerian leaders to look inwards to encourage local talents, innovations and enterprise.

“Nobody would grow our economy for us. The reality is that capital mobility would be a lot harder in the next few years following the COVID-19 pandemic; as richer countries will be struggling to rebuild their own economies.”


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