NILDS DG slams Nigeria’s political system

The Director-General, National Institute for Legislative & Democratic Studies (NILDS), Prof Abubakar Sulaiman on Friday, October 25, called for a two-party system.

The NILDS DG at the institute’s pre-convocation press conference at the National Assembly Complex described most political parties in Nigeria as “Jankara political beneficiary.”

He said: “Our institute is not a political party. It is an academic research institute and therefore it is seen to be more factual and scientific. I want to believe that most of the political parties we have in Nigeria; they are nothing but Jankara political beneficiary that is adding no value to democracy.

“For us to have a well deepened political culture, the earlier we take the course to two or three political parties, the better for us. Some political parties today do not even have offices in the federal or state level. But then they occupy space, on the ballot paper, thereby, causing confusion.

“When we talk about inconclusive election, over-voting, Nigerians in the rural areas cannot differentiate certain symbols because you have a ballot paper that is as lengthy as one kilometre.

“INEC should come up with another amendment to the electoral act. If care is not taken, in the next two or three years we will have up to 200 political parties.”

Asked on his view to change the federal legislature from bicameralism to unicameralism to reduce the cost of governance, Suleiman supported the former.

He said: “Every society come up with a system that fits into its political demands. Every bicameral legislature, in my mind, is a reflection of the federal character of Nigerian states.

“The more medium where people can debate issues, explain their feelings, the better for us. The issue is still ongoing. When there is need for us to make technical input, we shall do that.”

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