Nigerians Can Take Pictures, Videos Of Bad Police Act & Send To Us – Police

The Nigerian Police has noted that Nigerians should feel free to record, or take pictures whenever they feel  a police officer is erring in the line of his duty.

This was made known by the Police Public Relations Office, Frank MBA, during a live Instagram chat with Nigerian Singer, Naira Marley In the early hours of today.

Recall that following the cancellation of a mass protest scheduled by Nigerian Music artiste, Naira Marley, the Nigerian Police Force announced that it would have a live Instagram chat with the singer by 11 am today.

The agitations for the end of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad were re-awakened last weekend, when SARS operatives shot dead a young man, and took his car away.

According to MBA, Nigerinas are free to record as long as they are safe.

He however stated that in various places around the world, restrictions as placed on take pictures or doing videos, due to the sensitivity of such places, and in order to keep criminals away.

He added that examples of such places in Nigeria are the airports.

Nigerians are free to record or take pictures of erring officers, however in most countries of the world, restrictions are placed on the taking of pictures and videos in certain places. That’s why if you go to Nigerian Airport for instance, they wouldn’t allow you to take pictures.

When you are sensitive areas across the world, you will see were they put signs clearing that photography and pictures are not permitted in such areas. Why is that so? It is so because this are sensitive protocol National infrastructures and because you dont want armed Robbers to have a clear picture of what happens there in order not to give them an advantage if they want to plan an attack

Reacting, Naira Marley asked if one can do a video when his or her friend is being questioned and the police is already going out of line.

Responding, MBA noted that as long as one is safe, he or she can do so.

He further said such footage can be sent to the Nigerian police as evidence for investigations.

if a police is on the road, and he is doing a wrong thing, and you can record safely, record him and send the pictures to us, we will be glad to work with you.

If you are on the road and being questioned by a police officer, and you know it is already crossing from legality to illegality, and you needed to have evidence, you can take pictures and do videos as long as it is safe.

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