Nigerian In Singaporean Prison Charged With $37,745 Fraud

A 48-year-old Nigerian man, Amos Gabriel, jailed two months ago over a scheme aimed at defrauding Citibank in New York City was on Wednesday arraigned for a fresh offence of cheating.

Amos, according to Channels News Asia, was charged via video-link for cheating one Milled Ed Khouri at Changi Prison Complex in Singapore between January 2018 and May 2018.

The suspect was accused of deceiving Khouri into delivering 40,000 Australian dollars (37,745 Singapore dollars) to another person by telling him the money would be used to post bail for him.

Amos has been serving a three-year jail term for money laundering and traffic offences since May 16.

He was involved in a broader money-laundering scheme involving the transfer of about 27.2m American dollars to accounts in the United States, Australia, Japan, China, Hong Kong and Korea.

When District Judge Terence Tay, on Wednesday, asked Amos via video-link how he intended to plead, he said, “I’m not pleading any charge. I think I need to talk to my lawyer. I have a lawyer but I’m not aware of this case. I only received the information last night that I’m coming to court.”

The judge, however, replied, “You should be aware by now. Because you are now in court, there are a lot of people here looking at you.”

Amos was granted an adjournment to speak to a lawyer and will return to court on August 28.

If convicted of cheating, he faces up to 10 years in prison and a fine.


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