New Nigeria is Possible, Nothing That APC, PDP, Others Parties Are Built on Corruption — Peter Obi

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The presidential candidate of Labour Party, Peter Obi, has expressed optimism to build a new Nigeria, nothing that other political parties are built on corruption.

Obi said this on Wednesday, when his presidential campaign council arrived Pantami stadium in Gombe State, to solicit for votes, nothing that the solution was in Labour Party.

The Labour Party presidential candidate added, “We are the structure. You are the structure. Their structure is that of stealing and corruption but we will wipe it away.”

The news headline has generated mixed reactions among the Facebook users. Kindly read some of the reactions from Nigerians that commented below the news on Facebook:

There’s corruption in most of the advance countries. You can’t stop corruption in Africa for now. When you fight corruption, corruption fight you back more harder. Because they have the resources to fight back. You can only limit corruption. even budget are padded.

Its possible under Asiwaju as president and Obi as minister for igbo land.

February 25 would tell if Nigerians really serious about this country or not.

I just hope all this clamour he is making isn’t empty promises cause we’ve lost a lot to lose a lot again

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Source: Punch paper and Facebook

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