Most Nigerians Who Have Died From COVID-19 Are Educated And Wealthy- Minister of Health

The Minister for Health Osagie Ehanire has come out to reveal that most Nigerians who have passed away from the novel coronavirus in Nigeria are educated and wealthy people. He revealed this during the daily press briefing of the presidential taskforce of the COVID-19.

“1,644 patients have been treated and discharged from care, but we have sadly recorded 191 deaths in 26 states and the FCT.

Even though this figure seems low compared to other countries, a disturbing picture emerging from statistics is that not only are most fatalities observed to be linked with preexisting diseases, many are educated, well-to-do people, who chose home-based care, where they develop sudden complication and have to be rushed to the hospital.

“Experience is showing that breathing complications in COVID-19 patients can arise with little or no notice. This is an added reason why all persons should seek medical attention when they test positive.”

”We do not at any points support self-medication, and if you hear that anybody is taking self-medication at any time, it is definitely something prescribed by his or her doctor. There are medicines that should not be in your hands normally unless they are prescribed by the doctor.

There is a study being done about the efficacy of some drugs by five centres in our country and hydroxyl chloroquine is one of them. When the result comes out I will share with you. But again, stay with what your doctor has prescribed and do not start self-medicating otherwise you can do serious harm to your own self.”


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