@McThaPreacha – The Funeral Pt. 3 (Boxing Day K.O) [A-Q Diss]


Here’s a reply to A-Q’s ‘I need attention’ . Happy Boxing Day.

Twitter – @mcthapreacha


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I couldn’t hear a single word from your joint fam/

All I heard was you breathing fast, relax man/

(Mimmicks A-Q)/

U wanna die of an heart attack? Slow down/

I said it myself I gat an H-factor/

U had to repeat, you got an I-Q factor?/

I got no history, u gat an history/

Your history is misery and everyone can see/

Damn right, you been in this game for so long/

No breakthrough, call this progression?/

You a phoney, no sentiments/

Airplay on Radiopalmwine your only achievement/

You better join the crew and be a blogger/

Or start chasing blaqbonez for next rated fam/

FYI your album suck/

Won’t have sold shit if Jesus rose and walked/

I’m so sorry bout the album bro/

But you didn’t have to diss the whole alaba fam for stardom though/

U stepped on toes, u gon get hurt/

Fcuk your street cred , u will get touched/

Talk bout a video, u really got one?/

U a brokeass try shooting with ur phone/

I paid for this , I paid for that/

Its all low budget, faggot ass nigga cut d crap/

You so stupid just like your EP/

I gat a studio in ma crib man , what the dealie?/

I never pay for sessions, u need direction?/

To come record for free, is that ur mission?/

Ain’t the type of MC you should be messing with/

Ain’t the type of MC who disappoints a beat/

I’m the type who kills and dissect MCs/

How to roast a faggot , I know the recipe/

You better than ice, sinzu or MI?/

You better take a flight, crash! suicide/ x2

Niggaz tryna fcuk with me cos I preach the gospel/

Been doing battles from back in the days, I’m old skool/

I switch back to a role model when I’m through/

Its your funeral A-Q, yes you/


The Funeral – Pt. 3 (Boxing Day K.O) [A-Q Diss]

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