Marwa promises to be tougher on drug lords and cartels.

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Marwa promises to be tougher on drug lords and cartels.

Brig. Gen. of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Chairman/Chief Executive Officer Gen. Mohamed Buba Marwa (Retd) has warned that drug cartels and barons who refuse to change their ways will have a harder time in 2023.

This comes just as he made the revelation that some of them are building schools and making humanitarian gestures in an attempt to deceive communities into supporting them when NDLEA operators pursue them for drug crimes.

Additionally, he stated that the NDLEA had seized approximately N500 billion in drugs and barons’ assets.

On Wednesday, Marwa gave the warning at a press briefing at the organization, national headquarters in Abuja to inform the public about their efforts to eradicate the abuse and trafficking in the country on the second anniversary of his leadership of the anti-narcotics body.

He stated, “Last year, I issued an appeal to them for the New Year and also warned that those who refused to heed the warning would find themselves in a difficult situation.”

The signs are obvious: We have already dismantled three major drug cartels in the first two weeks of this year.

“In 2022 alone, 2,346 convictions were made, which is the highest number ever made by the them and nearly doubles the highest number ever made by the organization in its 33 years of existence. This is not a random event; rather, it is the result of the professionalism, resolve, dedication, and hard work of our officers, men and women.

“Again, special thanks to our officers, men and women who risk their lives every day in the woods, on the streets, and in dangerous places all over the country to catch murderous merchants and clean up illegal substances. All of you are heroes!

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