LP Chieftain, Ozigbo Reacts To The Rumor Of An “Abuja Meeting” With The Atiku Camp

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LP Chieftain, Ozigbo Reacts To The Rumor Of An “Abuja Meeting” With The Atiku Camp

Valentine Ozigbo, a leader of the Labour Party (LP), has called Bola Tinubu and Atiku Abubakar to resign in favor of Peter Obi.

Ozigbo advised the All Progressives Congress, APC, and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, presidential contenders to be prepared to face defeat.

The PDP candidate for governor of Anambra in 2021 denied the assertion of a “Abuja meeting” with the Atiku camp in a statement on Tuesday night.

Opponents, according to Ozigbo, are trying to “derail the huge momentum of Obidients across Nigeria and internationally.”

Instead of concentrating on “a fair and open contest of ideas,” he accused them of adopting deceptive methods and spreading rumors.

Ozigbo described the “unprofessional conduct” as a sign of apprehension about a level playing field and a lack of faith in the qualifications of their own candidate.

The politician reaffirmed the desire of LP leaders to see that the former governor of Anambra’s vision for Nigeria is realized.

He emphasized that Obi has a history of providing “strong leadership and a clear plan” to deal with the grave issues Nigeria is currently experiencing.

Ozigbo insisted that the LP will not interfere with the campaigns of Atiku or Tinubu, but rather allow them to continue “the current brickbats between over claims and counter allegations of corruption.”

“In a civilized context, Atiku and Tinubu would have been prudent to respectably resign and let Peter Obi run unchallenged.

“But if they insist on continuing, they should be ready to accept their fate at the polls”, Ozigbo added.

The Presidential and National Assembly elections will be held on Saturday, February 25.

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