Lawan threatens action over non-submission of audited report by MDAs

Senate President, Ahmad Lawan has warned Ministries, Departments/Agencies that it will take drastic actions over non-submission of audit reports.

Lawan disclosed that MDAs are expected to submit their audited accounts at the last quarter of the year.

The Senate President stated this while reacting to a revelation by the Chairman, Senate Committee on Public Accounts; Sen Mathew Urghohide during the consideration of the 2020 budget of the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS). Equally important, Senator Urghohide stated that the Customs Act mandates the NCS to submit their audited reports periodically; six months into a new financial year.

Further, he explained that the budget of the Customs is being considered without an audited account.

“This issue of audited accounts of MDAs has drawn criticisms to the National Assembly. Often times, what preceded the consideration of budget is the performance from the previous year. The Customs Establishment Act says their own account must be audited six months into a new financial year. It’s only in this country, when we are considering budgets like this; nobody talks about the audited account of the agency.”

National Assembly to take measures against MDAs, says Lawan

Lawan intervened saying; “We expect MDAs to present their audited accounts before the end of the year; especially towards the end of December or at least the first quarter of next year; that is, if we include all the calendar months.

“If any agency refuses or fails without any cogent reason; we have reasons to take a drastic action when it comes to appropriation; because not to account for what you have been given in the previous year; that is to say you are not prepared to take a new budget.

“So I’m advising the MDAs, especially those that are not up to date with their audited accounts to do so.

”We could decide as a National Assembly to take measures against agencies of government that are not up to date with their audited accounts.”

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