Kwankwaso reveals his fears of 2023 presidential election

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Kwankwaso reveals his fears of 2023 presidential election

The presidential candidate of the New Nigeria Peoples Party, NNPP, Rabiu Kwankwaso, has said the only fear he has about the forthcoming presidential election is more of the Independent and National Electoral Commission, INEC, and other stakeholders in the presidential Villa.

Kwankwaso said that he thought this year’s election would be unique from previous ones.

During a question-and-answer session on Wednesday at the Chatham House in London, he revealed this.

The former governor of Kano State bemoaned the way that crooked, wealthy politicians had used poverty as a tool to keep themselves in power.

According to him, this year’s election would be different because everyone is struggling and is aware of the negative effects of paying people to cast their votes for a particular candidate. On the other side, these wealthy individuals have exacerbated poverty to the point where even access to healthy food is enough to drive the underprivileged insane.

“I thus think that Nigerians as a whole are very devoted. Because of what has transpired in the past, we are now more afraid of the Independent and National Electoral Commission, or INEC, and other stakeholders. The majority of these problems revolve on the Villa and the President, not necessarily this president but also those that came before.And I have no doubt that we will have a free, fair, and credible election as long as the leadership in Abuja would persuade themselves to allow the people to go and vote. According to Daily post.

And as for me, I can’t think of any reason why President buhari wouldn’t permit it to happen; it’s likely the only legacy—if there are any—that he’ll leave behind. He benefited the most from our opposition’s promotion of him, and despite the fact that he had significant problems with the parties involved in holding elections, he was elected president. Therefore, we think that this election will be unique.

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