IG Blames Insecurity on Poor Funding of Police

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 (IG), Mr. Mohammed Abubakar,
Yemi Akinsuyi  
in  Abuja

The Inspector General of Police (IG), Mr. Mohammed Abubakar, Tuesday attributed the state of insecurity in the country to the poor funding of the force, saying the police was still saddled with unavailability of resources and obsolete equipment.
Abubakar, who made this known during the opening ceremony of a meeting with commanders of the Police Mobile Police (PMF) Unit, revealed that the PMF would be overhauled for better efficiency.
He said he had resolved to overhaul the Mobile Police Force in “an attempt to restore the lost glory of the mobile unit of the force.”
“You are called to look at the activities of the PMF, especially the security challenges in the country. We need to look at the preparedness and readiness of the mobile units to take up these challenges.

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  2. {View what occurred in this News}


Some of these challenges include the issue of bribery and corruption, illegal duties, the issue of training and retraining programme and capacity building, welfare of officers and men of the PMF; these have become necessary in view of the challenges that we are facing and realising;
“The issue of human rights abuses and at the same time looking generally at the conduct that has to do with discipline of officers and men. Primarily, we want to put the PMF back on the street the way it is supposed to because that mobile police force is the elite force of the Nigeria Police. And we want to look at those glory days and compare and contrast the differences from what it was and what it is now.
“Gone are the days when you just put somebody at the PMF as a squadron commander. Is he that commander that he is supposed to be does he have the ability to command, does he have the competency and the capability to command. These are very key issues in view of some of the challenges and the difficulties that we have faced,” he said.
The IG, who reassured that he would make public the indicted officers in the SARS attack, affirmed that the force would be positioned to meet the various security challenges in the country.



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