I was told by president Buhari in secret that his successor will be from the South-El-Rufai reveals

This article Click to see Video describes something that took place only a few minutes ago. Today, See Video Clip the report was distributed to the public by our publishers.

Kaduna State’s governor, Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai, has come forth to discuss his discussions with President Buhari on his replacement.

  1. (Watch what occurred in this News)
  2. (Watch what occurred in this News)

It might interest you to know that when I asked president Buhari about his succession plan, he reportedly said that his successor must come from the South of the country, according to the Kaduna state governor who appeared in an interview on TVC today. El-Rufai claimed that in 2020, Buhari told him this and gave him the go-ahead to make it public. As shown today on TVC, in his own words…


“After President Buhari’s reelection in 2019, a few of us met him in secret and inquired about his succession plans. And during one of our conversations, he admitted that he didn’t have a succession plan. I urged him to be interested in choosing his successor, but he responded that the democratic process would provide a replacement. It doesn’t quite work that way, I told him, and he must be considering who will continue your legacy. He however agreed.”

“This is exactly how the dialogue went on, but President Buhari didn’t even have a position by the time we got to 2020. Then, in 2020, I questioned him about who he wanted to succeed since he didn’t have to choose or anoint anyone. He questioned why I was asking him and said it was our unwritten agreement that the next president will come from the South. And I replied, “Thank you; may I make this public? And he gave the okay.

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  1. Who does El-Rufai think he is fooling?  D problem with this little devil is that he thinks very highly of himself when he’s in fact a little man. He was among d APC cabals from North who connived with Yoruba Tinubu in 2015 to drive away Jonathan using all kinds of threats including actual infiltration into Nig foreign vicious Fulanis to rock down Nig to win d election with obvious two agreements, namely trillions of dollars to d fulanis after d win and power shift to Yoruba Tinubu after Buhari.
    They even performed a blood oath taking with a live ram slaughtered in d north by religious imans to underscore d extent of blood intent should any party in agreement renege after d win.And guess what? GEJ was fully aware and thusly exclaimed “my ambition is not worth a single drop of blood of any nigerian” when he conceded defeat. No money was paid to d fulanis as agreed, so d fulanis became bandits everywhere spilling blood and even in Kaduna where neither El-Rufai nor Buhari could do anything. And guess what is happening again on d part of Yoruba being cheated out? The agreement to let Yoruba Tinubu succeed Buhari is now apparently being reneged by El-Rufai, Buhari and Co just as they reneged on payment of trillions to d vicious Fulani terrorists, and as is with blood flowing everywhere by fulani bandits, blood is going to flow everywhere in SW as well. This is a fact of that blood oath, and there is nothing Buhari govt will do. So El-Rufai better shut up and bury his head in shame.

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