I Lost My Baby- Princess Shyngle Confirms Miscarriage

Princess Shyngle is back with another episode from her reality show and this time she is speaking on loosing her pregnancy and her husband attempting suicide in prison. The actress in the new episode said she is sharing this part of her life so people can understand that nobody’s life and relationship is perfect.
“Everything happens for a reason and as much as the devil wants me to be angry with God right now, I won’t.”. ” I lost my baby, she’s gone, The most painful thing on planet earth is to lose your child, whether the child is alive and you lose it, or the child is in your tummy when you lose it, it is the same pain.” I know my baby is watching over me in heaven and that’s why she came for me to know her.
Princess Shyngle Flaunts Body In Bikini, Slams Those Blaming Her For Her Partner’s Cheating Scandal
She revealed that her husband Fredrick is hurting while in jail and has been trying to reach her so they can talk. He is refusing to eat and wants to do right by her. ”I messed up, but I still love him. When somebody is the love of your life, no matter how hard you try, you can’t just get over them just like that. I thought I could, but I can’t so I’m gonna unblock him and hear what he has to say”.


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