I am Obidient & I Will Not Vote Atiku -PDP’s Senator Sergius Ogun

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I am Obidient & I Will Not Vote Atiku -PDP’s Senator Sergius Ogun

Senator Sergius Ogun expressed his support for PDP candidates in all other positions. Still, it made it clear that he would vote for a different presidential candidate because he is “Obedient.” His words sparked debate on the increasing tension within the PDP, with some claiming it is a sign of deepening conflict between party leaders. However, despite the differing opinions, it seems clear that Senator Ogun’s position shows a deep loyalty and commitment to the democratic process.

Former governor Peter Obi of Anambra State is known for inspiring his supporters with his “Obidients” mantra. Recently, he spoke on the importance of equipping and adequately funding Nigeria’s police force to ensure better security. This was in response to the unfortunate train attack in Edo State, which has made people question how it could have been prevented. With greater security forces across Nigeria, similar tragedies can be avoided.

You can watch the interview here.(15:30 minute)

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