How Crowd in Biu, Southern Borno Welcomed Peter Obi and His Running Mate Datti Ahmed

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The presidential campaign rally for the Labour Party’s nominee, Mr. Peter obi, a former governor of Anambra state, and his running partner, Datti Baba Ahmed, was held in Gombe State on Wednesday. He also attended a Townhall discussion with Gombe State women during the event. The vice presidential candidate for the Labour Party is Datti Baba Ahmed. Many of the Labour Party presidential candidate’s supporters attended the gathering to show their support for the candidate.

Despite this, Peter Obi and his running companion, Datti Baba Ahmed, opted to stop at the adjacent town of Biu in southern Borno to speak with the folks there before traveling to the location of the campaign event in Gombe State. This happened throughout the campaign rally that was held in Gombe State. The audience gave the Labour Party presidential candidate and his vice presidential running mate a raucous welcome as soon as they were seen, with some individuals rising up with campaign posters to demonstrate their support for him. When they were seen, others cheered loudly.

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