House of Reps to review 8th Assembly motions

The House of Reps has moved to review all resolutions reached on motions and petitions in the 8th Assembly.

The Green Chamber reached the resolution following the adoption of a motion moved by Ibrahim Olanrewaju on Tuesday, February 4; during plenary.

In his motion, Olanrewaju puts the total number of resolutions reached by the 8th House of Reps; at over 1,588 and about 1,192 petitions considered.

However, he expressed concerns that the“inability to ensure compliance with the Resolutions on Motions and Petitions is making the House look ineffective.”

Following the adoption of the motion by Olanrewaju; the House resolved to mandate the Clerk of the House of Representatives to make available, within 3 days; all resolutions arising from Motions and Petitions to the Committee on Legislative Compliance to monitor compliance.

The house also resolved to mandate the Clerk of the House of Reps to notify the Committee of any member attending any parliamentary conference, training, seminar or capacity building

It further urged any member who attends any seminar, conference, etc, pursuant to Order 18, Rule 64(2) (b) of the Standing Orders of the House to file a written report of the said conference, seminar, etc to the Committee on Legislative Compliance within seven (7) days of the return from such conference or seminar.

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