Health Benefits of White Vinegar

According to healthline- White vinegar is known as a seasoning used to flavor food. But apparently, health experts have also found evidence that white vinegar also has medical benefits. From controlling blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, to eradicating bacteria, there are various benefits of white vinegar. Check out more details below!

Benefits of white vinegar

White vinegar has been used as a traditional medicine for thousands of years. To prove it, researchers have conducted various researches. Before you use it, get to know this scientific explanation of the health benefits of white vinegar.

1. Controls blood sugar

The first benefit of white vinegar is to control blood sugar. In several studies, researchers found that consuming white vinegar after meals can reduce blood sugar levels and insulin levels in the body.

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2. Maintaining ideal body weight

This one benefit of white vinegar is certainly very tempting for those who are on a diet. Yes, white vinegar is believed to maintain ideal body weight.

Several studies have found that consuming white vinegar can slow down the process of gastric emptying, thus delaying the arrival of hunger. Thus, the level of calories entering the body is expected to be reduced, and the ideal weight is maintained.

3. Lower cholesterol

Lowering cholesterol is a benefit of white vinegar that many people certainly need. In a research on animal tests, rats given white vinegar experienced a significant reduction in cholesterol. However, further research is still needed, especially in humans, to find out the ability of white vinegar to lower cholesterol levels.

4. Eradicates microbes

White vinegar contains antimicrobials, which are believed to treat various health problems. For example, fungus on nails, warts on the skin, and ear infections. In addition, white vinegar can also be applied to the skin to treat burns or infections.

5. Overcome excessive hiccups

Who would have thought that white vinegar could overcome hiccups? Several studies describe various methods of using white vinegar to treat hiccups that can be tried.

In the Journal of Palliative Medicine, injecting 0.1 milliliters of white vinegar into two healthy respondents and one cancer patient was shown to be effective in overcoming hiccups instantly. However, the cancer patient experienced side effects in the form of mild nasal irritation.

In a second study released in Reactions Weekly, white vinegar for cancer patients experiencing chemotherapy-induced hiccups was found to be effective. These patients only needed one sip of a small amount of white vinegar, to get rid of the hiccups.

6. Improves blood flow

The benefits of white vinegar in controlling blood sugar can actually help improve blood flow. In a study released by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, participants received a small amount of white vinegar before consuming food.

This method successfully increased blood flow, lowered the participants’ triglyceride and insulin levels, compared to a placebo drug.

7. Maintain dental health

The benefits of white vinegar as a disinfectant should not be underestimated. In a paper released in the Scientific World Journal, white vinegar was shown to be effective in eradicating Streptococcus mutans bacteria that often cause cavities.

Side effects of white vinegar

There is a “price” to pay if you want to experience the benefits of white vinegar above. This is because the acidity of white vinegar can also damage the stomach, throat, and teeth. In addition, although white vinegar is considered to have many benefits, consuming large amounts of it can harm our bodies.

Consuming too much white vinegar is believed to invite adverse symptoms, such as indigestion and heartburn. Eating high-acid foods like white vinegar can also potentially damage tooth enamel. In fact, white vinegar has been shown to be the most damaging type of vinegar to teeth.

Be careful if you are taking medications for blood sugar and heart disease. This is because white vinegar can interfere with the effectiveness of these medications and lead to side effects such as lower blood sugar and potassium levels.

Although white vinegar has many benefits, do not try to consume it before consulting a doctor if you have certain medical conditions. Especially if you really want to cure a medical condition with white vinegar. Nothing can replace the role of medical treatment for maximum healing results.

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