He is still in the process of repaying the money he borrowed for his wedding, while his wife has left him.

A 36 years old man in the city of Calabar,Cross Rivers State has been frustrated by his wife and he is lamenting over his decision of their already collapsed wedding.

The man Mr Simeon popularly called Sabi told online news flash that he got married on April 9th 2022 and his wife abandoned him exactly one year of marriage.

According to him Mrs Kate his wife left him for a mere misunderstanding and all efforts to bring her back proved abortive. The most annoying part of the whole episode of his marriage is that he is yet to finish the payment of the money borrowed for the wedding.

Mrs Kate said she cannot continue to marry a man who is poor because she was born with silver spoon in the mouth.

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Funniest of all her parents also supported her and approved the discontinuation of the marriage. He is frustrated didn’t know what to do.

He was introduced to Mother Queen, phone 234 812 093 4575 and the spiritualist told him to forget about her because, if he insist to bring her back his frustration and lamentations will increase and will lead him to his early grave.

Based on the advise given by Mother Queen he is now thinking of the repayment of the bride price from her parents in order to recoup some of his expenses.

He has made his intention known to his father in-law through members of his family and the respond was negative. He need your advise on what to do with regard to his dilemma.

Kindly share your thoughts and opinions to save him from his marriage quagmire.

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