Get Your PVC And Stop Lamenting On Social Media – Tinubu

The former Governor of Lagos State and presidential hopeful, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has asked Nigerian youths to obtain their Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) and stop complaining on social media.

The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) said this on Saturday during a political rally at the Mobalaji Johnson Arena in Onikan, Lagos.

Tinubu advised the youths to stop lamenting about the various challenges facing the country and work towards building a new Nigeria of their dreams.

Tinubu To Youths: Get Your PVC And Stop Lamenting On Social Media

The APC leader said the forthcoming election presents another opportunity for the youths to choose a new leader that would create limitless opportunities and possibilities.

He said: “I am here, not for myself, but for you and our collective future which our youths represent. We feel your anger whenever you are angry; I will never blame you for that. The promises of the past have not done enough to help you build a future from the onset.

“But, I disagree with the excuses that we cannot help it; we can help it. All you need is courage, determination and perseverance. You must develop a can-do attitude; you must have the grit and determination to change the story of poverty and banditry.

The presidential hopeful also asked the youths to support his ambition of becoming the next president in 2023, promising to work for them.

He added: “We cannot continue the lamentation of the past. We have to brace up for a new Nigeria. You have to be ready for the task ahead. If you have no voter card, go and get it. If you have it, go for a revalidation of your card.

“You cannot be part of 1.4 billion youths using Instagram and have no PVC to vote. The youths are the reason why I am here to contest. I want to be president for you all; commit yourselves to this project and drive me there.

“All we have to do is to build a united Nigeria. When we started in Lagos, we used to pick up dead bodies on the streets. Today, Lagos is one of the most progressive States.

“We can build a new Nigeria, where prosperity will not be isolated and limited to the family of the poor. A united Nigeria is our dream, a free Nigeria is our commitment and a violence-free Nigeria is what we promise we will hand over to you.”

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