“Get set for another protest in January” – Civil society groups tell Nigerians

The United Action Democracy (UAD), a coalition of citizen organizations, on Tuesday disclosed its plan to mark last January protest on subsidy removal.

To this end, the coalition has called on other labour groups to get set for another round of action, aimed at calling the attention of the government to burning issues that are yet resolved.

Speaking to newsmen in Lagos, UAD said the mass action which will take place in January 2013, is exected to last for at least two days.

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The 10-day anti-fuel subsidy removal nationwide protests claimed over ten lives in different states.

A statement released by its leaders Jaye Gaskia and Ken Henshaw said: “The series of events will deepen the unfolding revolutionary process in Nigeria. As the January 2013 date approaches, revelations from investigations on the degree of abuse and rot in the petroleum sector, should frame new demands to government”

“Although it was the unconscionable hiking of fuel prices that triggered our anger and unleashed the fury of the January uprising. We were all very clear that it was unbridled treasury looting that led us down the path where our refineries had become moribund, thus turning a country which is the 6th largest oil producer in the world, with the 3rd largest installed refinery capacity in Africa, into one that depends exclusively on importation of refined products to meet its domestic needs!”

Continuing, the activists said: “We specifically urge two Days of Nationwide Mass Protests accompanied by a 48hour General Strike to mark the first anniversary of the January Uprising and place existing and new demands on the agenda with very clear timelines.”

They added that the action will be in conjuction with the Nigerian Labour Congress, the Trade Union Congress, civil society groups and other unions.

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